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This Isn't Your Average Bible Study

Explore God's Word on a deeper level and engage with his truth in fresh ways! This study on select psalms of hope invites you beneath the surface to discover the incredible design and purpose of this inspired Hebrew poetry.

Perfect for group discussion or personal reflection, Discovering Hope in the Psalms offers valuable teachings, motivating devotions, and a multitude of creative options for interacting with the ten psalms covered—including beautiful artwork to color. These psalms will show you how to...

  • recall the Lord's care when you find you're in need
  • rejoice in God's mercy when sin knocks you down
  • rest in God's goodness when life seems unfair
  • request help with hope when dark troubles abound
  • respond with thanksgiving for all answered prayers


Jean E. Jones

Karla Dornacher

Unique Features

This book shines in the multitude of ways it offers for you to interact with the Psalms. Why? Because the more ways we interact with Scripture, the better we remember and apply its message. We want you to remember the hope that God's Word offers you!

Here's what you'll find in each of the eight chapters:

  • In-depth Bible Study. Five 20-minute lessons dive deep into what the psalms teach about hope and show how to interpret Hebrew poetry.
  • The Little Details. Sidebars supply extra details that enthuse those who have studied God's Word for years (and those who love having all the pieces in place).
  • Hope Alive. Popular and prolific author Pam Farrel inspires with a delightful devotion on setting hope alive in your heart.
  • My Psalm. Step-by-step instructions walk you through writing a personal prayer psalm.
  • Worshiping with Psalms. A closing devotional guides you in praying psalms in a way that buttresses hope in God and draws you near him.
  • Creative Connection. Artist Karla Dornacher explains practical and easy ways to meditate on verses using art.
  • Creative Options: Suggestions abound for interacting creatively with psalms so that you're not only experiencing the psalms' hope, but discovering ways to share hope with others. Start simply by coloring Karla's charming illustrations or experiment freely with visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and culinary arts.



What an incredibly unique and creative Bible study Pam, Jean, and Karla have created! It's multilayered, dimensional, theologically rich, touching the senses—enlightening the mind, capturing the heart. Well done, beloved Sisters! Thank you for this gift.

I can’t say enough about how much I love the encouragement, the inspiration, and (most of all) the delightful details woven through Discovering Hope in the Psalms. This book grabs my attention in the most wonderfully whimsical way!

What a rich treasury of insights, instruction, and inspiration. Discovering Hope in the Psalms can only create great joy and confidence. I can see this book being used over and over again, drawing the student into God’s eternal truths and resulting in a deeper level of hope.


Table of Contents


Group Options

Discovering Hope in the Psalms is designed for both group and individual study. We had volunteers Angie Wright and Jean Strand time the daily lessons for us, and they average 20 minutes without optional creative projects. Knowing what your participants are used to spending in devotionals will help you decide whether the nine- or seventeen-week option is better for you. If they're new to spending regular time in Bible study, we recommend the seventeen-week option. Here are ways to use the book in group study.

Begin with an introductory meeting where you hand out discovery books, go over what to expect, and provide time for everyone to introduce themselves (see the book's introduction for icebreakers). Each time you meet, carve out time to worship with psalms in song or spoken-word poetry. Consider providing demonstrations of ways to creatively interact with psalms.

For the final meeting, consider having a potluck so participants can bring gifts of food to share as they read one of the thanksgiving prayers they wrote. Set aside time for participants to share creative projects they've finished, but not yet shared.

Nine-Week Option

One way to go through the lessons is to cover one chapter a week. The first week, begin with an introductory meeting. During each of the following eight weeks, discuss the personal questions and a few key questions from all five daily lessons of one chapter. Encourage participants to share their psalms and the creative endeavors they've begun.

Seventeen-Week Option

To extend your group's time of exploration, you could cover one chapter every two weeks. Begin with the introductory meeting and end with a potluck at the last meeting. For each chapter, participants could complete three daily lessons and begin a creative project the first week, and the second week complete the final two lessons and their psalm, and continue with their creative project. The first discussion centers on the three lessons and the project begun, while the second discussion finishes the chapter and gives everyone time to share their prayer psalm and progress on a creative project. Those who want to can explore other psalms of the same genre (usually listed in a Day 1 sidebar).



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Chapter 8


Introduction: Do You Want Hope?

Psalm 1: The Hope of God's Blessing

Psalm 2: The Hope of Messiah's Reign

Psalm 51: The Hope of Mercy

Psalm 23: The Hope of the Lord's Good Care

Psalm 73: Hope When Life Seems Unfair

Psalms 42-43: Finding Hope When Downcast

Psalm 71: Continual Hope

Psalms 30 and 146: Hope Fulfilled

Tips for Committing Scripture to Heart



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Discovering Hope in the Psalms